Laser cutting, CNC machine

MÉCANUMERIC, French manufacturer of laser cutting machines used for many industrial applications. CNC cutting machines, with their easy-to-use software, enable the cutting, marking and engraving of various materials with the highest precision. The product produced is in every way similar to its digital model.

Cutting (vectorial mode) and engraving (raster) for plastic materials, wood, leather...
Ideal for cutting acrylic, other plastics and low thickness steel

Laser cutting with MÉCANUMERIC

Laser technology works by removing material. Our range of CNC laser cutters cuts materials such as wood, plastics, leather, fabric and glass. Metal, such as light gauge steel (up to 6 millimeters) and mild steel (up to 3 millimeters), can also be cut.

Operation and technology

Laser cutting machines consist of a work table and a mobile gantry. The cutting tool is composed of a CO2 laser positioned on the gantry. A mirror reflects light back to the focusing head. The speed of positioning on the workpiece is as important as the quality and precision of cutting or engraving. The adjustable power generated by the laser beam cuts soft metal, wood or plastic materials without burning or melting the surface of the part to be preserved.


The advantages of laser cutting

The first advantages of CNC laser technology are its excellent quality of finishes and its precision. No residue on the machined area remains at the end of the cutting, marking or engraving process. The cut edges are perfect.

CNC laser cutters are adapted to every industrial need. They offer many advantages such as ease and security of use as well as process automation. With process automation, downtime is limited which increases productivity.


The strong repeatability and working speed are excellent. The use of this type of cutting machine can be the ideal solution when the manufacture of large series parts must be carried out. They are versatile both in terms of the materials that can be machined and the shapes that can be made. With 3 axes of rotation, even complex shapes are easy to create.


CNC laser cutting machines fit easily into fully automated production systems. Laser cutting can in fact be one of the stages in the manufacturing of a finished product. Also, due to the thinness of the beam, this process produces very little scrap or waste.

Laser cutting equipment from MÉCANUMERIC

MÉCANUMERIC offers two CNC laser cutting equipment.



This type of laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting acrylic, other plastics and thin gauge steels. She also cuts and engraves wood and derivatives. It is efficient and the duration between gas refills is particularly long. This reduces operating costs. MECALASE is a tool adapted, for example, to the needs of the POS, SIGN and communication or marquetry sector.



This CNC machine is capable of cutting in vector mode and engraving in raster mode. It is optimized for several materials. Thus, plastics, synthetic resins, wood and products made of wood, leather, fabric, cardboard, soft stone or even marble can be cut. Granite and mineral glass can also be engraved with this equipment. In the leather and textile industry as well as for funeral marking, laser cutting is a technology offering highly precise results.