Semi automatic presses for high rate industrial vacuum forming,for making complex parts with very deep vacuum forming.

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  • Compact structure with welded steel frame
  • Double superior and inferior heating plate, with infrared radiating elements type FSR or HTS
  • Parallel blank holder for bigger and easier removal from the mould
  • Vacuum box with positive or negative function box
  • Integrated vacuum tank with lubricated vacuum vane pump
  • Option counterpunch for difficult moulding
  • Numerical driving by microprocessors with interface man/machine on industrial PC with colour screen 15 inches
  • Supervision of heating temperatures and cooling by infrared pyrometer
  • Individual adjustment of the power for each radiating element by microprocessor, with data graphical display
  • Removable mould holder with indexing system and rapid clamping


  • Automated loading
  • Pre heating out of forming area
  • Automated unloading
  • Mould temperature regulation system


  • Structure : steel welded slotted gantry laid down without pit.
  • Mold Holder : steel welded mold holder with removable plate. Transmission through 4 pneumatic rams with a synchronization system between rack and pinion
  • Blank holder frame : steel welded frame. Transmission through 4 pneumatic rams with a synchronization
    system between rack and pinion.
  • Heating plates : steel welded frame with modular infrared heating elements in the 2 to 5 micron wavelength range. Power regulation of the heating elements by a 3-position switch for MT55, individual from 0 to 100% with 1-percent increments for MT107, 1512 and 2012 and by group of 2 elements for MT2515 and 3020).
  • Blowing box : steel welded vacuum proof box. Front doors with basquili. Lateral and back access by screwed vacuum proof trapdoors. Temperature box controlled by a thermostatic sensor.
  • Security : multiple light beam safety devices. Automatic back repositioning of the heating plates in case of power cut. Front doors protected by safety rotating sensors.


  MT 107 VFE 1510 VFE 2515
Working area, maxi sheet X 1000 1550 2550
Working area, maxi sheet Y 700 1050 1550
Forming depth Z 500 350 350


Aeronautic seats

Aeronautic seats

Aircraft interior furnishing

Aircraft interior furnishing