The simplicity for the turning of prototypes and small series, the technology for the performance

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  • ISO programming, industry standard.
  • Allows main lathing operations (rough facing, turning, groove, boring, drilling, threading, profile execution follow-up).
  • Continuous speed variation of the spindle allowing machining at a constant cutting speed.
  • Allows machining at constant feedrate.
  • 4 automatic tool turret (as an option).
  • Automatic tool measuring with 4 key sensor.
  • Reversal of the spindle rotation direction by programming.
  • Design and ergonomy.
  • Small footprint.
  • Graphic and automatic programming by integrated CAM/CAM software.
  • Ideal for prototyping and small series.
  • Lathing of tender materials and metals (brass, aluminium…).
  • Compliant with European safety directives 2006/42/CE.


  Charly4T Standard Charly4T Pro           
Distance between point 250 mm
Max diameter ot the turned part on 50 mm 100 mm
3 jaws chuck diameter 80 mm 125 mm
Spindle cone CM3
S1 spindle max power 0,4 kW 0,75 kW
Tool-holder turret 2 positions 4 positions
X stroke 65 mm
Z stroke 250 mm
Lenght 1200 mm
Depth 685 mm