MECANUMERIC is a manufacturer of industrial machines for 3, 4 or 5 axis CNC milling, CNC cutting and CNC waterjet cutting. In the field of electronics and computing, digital milling machines are industrial tools necessary for the manufacture of components such as printed circuits as well as many electrical and electronic components.

Circuits boards

Circuits boards

The manufacture of printed circuit boards

CNC milling machines are used in several stages of the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The boards on which the printed circuit board is to be mounted must first be drilled. The drilling plan is programmed into the computer and can be transferred to the milling machine via the CNC control.


The milling machines can then engrave the printed circuit boards. Engraving is necessary to remove unnecessary copper from the panel. Finally, the panel will be milled in the last manufacturing step to make its edges smooth. This ensures that the panel can be used to its full potential.



CNC milling machines for the manufacture of electrical and electronic components

Cutting and milling operations are involved in the manufacture of many electrical and electronic components. For example, sheet metal is cut to make housings for electrical panels and meters such as the Linky meter. Precise work must be carried out in these areas where the standards are very restrictive, regardless of the thickness of the materials and the size of the parts to be machined.


3-axis milling is a solution perfectly suited to this type of operation, which can be carried out in series. Thus, the DMC models are suitable for small format work requiring a fine and precise execution. The MECASEASY milling machine meets the needs of demanding 2D or 3D production, while the NORMAFIL numerically controlled milling machine carries out the deburring of large thermoformed parts.



Meticulous work with state-of-the-art technology

Electronic boards are components that can be very small and require extremely precise and careful machining. Numerically controlled milling machines are perfect industrial tools for this type of work.


As a supplier of industrial equipment, MECANUMERIC has designed a wide range of CNC machines to be able to intervene at each useful stage of the manufacturing of a printed circuit.


- Charly2U and Charly4U CNC milling machines


The Charly2U and Charly4U CNC milling machines are ideal for fine and precise milling such as extra fine drilling. They are equipped with a large machining surface. They can mill many materials, including metals such as aluminium and brass. Also equipped with 3 dynamic axes, they can machine parts in 2D and 3D.


- CharlyRobot DMC II milling machine


The CharlyRobot DMC II milling machine is an industrial CNC milling tool. Thanks to the numerical control, the user's daily work is simplified. It is easy to use and allows the machining of small formats such as those used for the manufacture of electronic boards and printed circuits. It is perfect for work requiring great finesse and extreme precision, such as the shaping of printed circuits. It is also suitable for engraving in metal.


- MECAEASY 3-axis CNC milling machine


The manufacture of printed circuit boards is demanding. The MECAEASY 3-axis CNC milling machine is the solution for the machining of 2D and 3D parts. It is fast and very easy to use. The most demanding productions find their solution in this industrial machine equipped with a rigid frame and gantry.