Our Smart-Lab solution has been designed for intensive and accurate machining of plastic composite resins, electronic samples, brass or aluminum pieces, PPMA parts.

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Flexibility of production and compactness

Based on an integrated compressor, our Smart-Lab does not require more than a standard electrical plug. You can position the Smart Lab on any place and add an
optional silent exhaust system. You can cut with your 4 axis or 5 axis head, with lubrication or not.



• No difficulty to install into a fab lab or into a prototyping shop.
• A 12 tools changer with an automatic tool changing system.

• Easy to connect to CAM softwares.
• Our small machine design is due to the type of cinematic adopted.
• Accuracy of machining has not been sacrificed when designing the Smart-Lab.
• A spindle power of 500W, brushless servo motors.
• Top notch Tech : Ball screws, rectified linear guides are part of this design in order to ensure the high level of reliability of the famous Mecanumeric products.
• Easy control by means of our colour tactile monitor.
• Standard tooling format.
• Standard spare elements.

Number of axis 5
Angular maximum for the rotary axis 4 : +- 30° / 5 : 0 > 180°
Brushless motors
Spindle 500W at 60000 tr/min
Automatic tool changing system
Number of tools in changer 12
Tooling measurement system
Tooling breaking sensors
Tooling wearing sensors
Water cooling
Dimensions L x P x H when door closed - mm  
Weight in kg 100
Com Ports 1 USB + 1 Ethernet
Electrical Tension 230 VAC 50/60 Hz