Our Smart-Lab solution has been designed for intensive and accurate machining of plastic composite resins, electronic samples, brass or aluminum pieces, PPMA parts.

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Thanks to its built-in compressor, SMART-LAB requires only an electrical socket to operate. It can be placed on its technical cabinet, which includes a silent cyclonic suction system for greater manoeuvrability.
This versatile machine can easily machine a wide range of materials in 4 and 5 axes, wet or dry: aluminium, brass, composite resins, PMMA, WAX, etc.
It is also compatible with any computer-aided manufacturing system that delivers NC code.




  • 4 and 5-axis machining of soft materials and metals: aluminium, brass, etc.
  • Open to all CAM software.
  • Small footprint thanks to original choice of kinematics.
  • Precision thanks to high-quality kinematics: ball screws and ground rails.
  • Powerful 500W - 60,000rpm spindle and brushless servomotors.
  • Simplicity thanks to its colour touch screen
  • Autonomous thanks to its integrated compressor
  • The know-how of Mécanuméric's design, manufacturing and after-sales teams.
  • Tool diameters from 3 to 0.5 mm.
  • Standard consumables format.
Number of axis 5
Angular maximum for the rotary axis 4 : +- 30° / 5 : 0 > 180°
Brushless motors
Spindle 500W at 60000 tr/min
Automatic tool changing system
Number of tools in changer 12
Tooling measurement system
Tooling breaking sensors
Tooling wearing sensors
Water cooling
Dimensions L x P x H when door closed - mm  
Weight in kg 100
Com Ports 1 USB + 1 Ethernet
Electrical Tension 230 VAC 50/60 Hz